Our business

Our name is Mud. Yes, we see the funny side. That’s not just because our name comes with a good reputation, but also because we’re serious about chemical and physical interactions between soil, water and air, and what we can do about contamination in our environment.

We started Mud in 2014 to show how pragmatic engineers and scientists can actually be creative.  We avoid rigid systems and procedures that can stifle innovation, and embrace collaboration with like-minded professionals to create great project outcomes.

As a boutique environmental services practice, we work in partnership with our clients, regulators and the broader industry. Our customer base and influence in the community continues to grow.  We believe this is a result of our dedication to customer service, technical excellence and the highest social and environmental standards.

Our team

Our experienced team partners with clients and work alongside industry experts that complement our skills and share our values.  Below are our key personnel charged with bringing together our multi-disciplinary teams.


Adrian Webber

Adrian is the proud Founder and Director of Mud Environmental.  Adrian has 23+ years’ experience as an environmental professional and was the first Site Contamination Auditor appointed by the EPA under South Australian legislation in 2009.  Auditor’s are recognised as expert and experienced individuals in the assessment and remediation of site contamination.

Adrian has a depth and breadth of experience relating to a range of contaminants in varied geological and hydrogeological settings.  He is active in the industry and has the ability to communicate clearly and distill complex contamination issues into simple and structured solutions.


Ashley Taylor

Ashley is one of the most versatile environmental professionals in Australia.  Ash has been working as an environmental scientist for 19 years with experience in consulting, government and the private sector.  He has overseen major assessment and remediation projects in SA including major fuel sites, industrial facilities, rail projects and development sites.  Ash’s government experience includes working in the Site Contamination Branch of EPA and also as a Senior Hydrogeologist with DEWNR.

Ash provides Mud with project management, GIS, field, reporting and audit related services.


Trent Gray

Trent offers a wealth of field and data management experience, with more than a decade as an environmental scientist in applied science and project management. Trent has worked predominantly as a consultant in land contamination, but also in the application of general environmental management strategies.  Trent is experienced in a wide range of environmental sampling techniques relevant to soil, groundwater and soil vapour.

Trent provides Mud with project management, field, data management and interpretation, reporting and audit related services.


Christian George

Christian is a highly capable environmental scientist that helps Mud with field and office based tasks whilst completing his masters in climate science.

We are all looking forward to seeing the difference that Christian will make using his skills for good.


Industry experts

We partner with independent experts throughout Australia in the fields of soil science, hydrogeology, human and environmental toxicology, contaminant fate and transport and human health and ecological risk assessment.

We also work with the best drillers, laboratories, service locators, surveyors, earthmovers, waste contractors and many other providers to bring together the best team for the specific requirements of each project.

Our clients

Our clients work across a broad range of sectors, including property development, urban planning and infrastructure, health and local and state government.  Below is a snapshot of a few valued clients from recent times.