We solve contamination problems. We measure what matters and then design and implement remediation solutions, keeping our clients informed throughout what can sometimes be a challenging process.

Professional services

Most of our services in the field, in court or in the office relate to:

Site contamination audits

  • Property redevelopment for residential, recreational and commercial uses
  • Waste derived fill audits to facilitate re-use of waste soils, industrial residues + construction and demolition wastes
  • Restricted scope audits to comply with EPA regulation

Environmental investigations

  • Disposal and/or re-use of waste materials
  • Preliminary site investigations (site history)
  • Detailed site investigations:
    • Soil
    • Water (groundwater, surface water)
    • Air (soil vapour, indoor and ambient air)
    • Asbestos
  • Conceptual site models
  • Contaminant fate and transport
    • Groundwater modelling
    • Vapour intrusion modelling
  • Site-specific risk assessment

Remediation, management + monitoring

  • Soil remediation (disposal, retention, containment, bioremediation, ex-situ vapour extraction)
  • Groundwater remediation (skimming, ex-situ pump + treat, in-situ treatments, monitored natural attenuation)
  • Soil vapour remediation (soil vapour extraction, vapour barriers)
  • Environmental management plans
  • Environmental monitoring plans

Other environmental services

  • Environmental due diligence for land transactions
  • Strategic advice and regulatory liaison
  • Expert witness

We are based in South Australia, but service projects across Australia.

Knowledge base

Soil, water and air quality is generally regulated under state legislation and associated guidelines, policies, and standards. To aid transparency and improve accessibility and information sharing, we curate this repository of regulatory links, guidelines and other helpful resources for our clientele and colleagues.

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