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Mud Environmental Pty Ltd
ACN: 168 347 537
ABN: 40 254 914 133

+ 61 439 725 754
PO Box 80 Henley Beach SA 5022

Over 9 years and 500+ projects, @mudenvironmental has maintained a purpose beyond profit. It is a business which strives to be a force for good. To this end, Mud has been carbon neutral since 2015, a certified B Corp since 2016 and a supporter of environmental causes since inception. Oh, and we have always been science geeks 🧐
Award winning scientists and engineers since 2014 @alga.ltd #mudenvironmental #bcorp
Paul testing for explosive residues (TNT + HND) in a genuine WWII German sea mine to ensure it can be safely restored #itwasdisarmedfirst #mudenvironmental #bcorp
Christian George is a highly capable environmental scientist who helps @mudenvironmental with field and office based tasks whilst completing his Masters in Climate Science. Looking forward to seeing the difference Christian will make using his skills for good.
Sometimes it’s hard researching historical activities that cause #contamination. Other times you stumble on 50+ years worth of detailed technical drawings and manuals - gold! 

#mudenvironmental #bcorp
It’s not just about what we do; why and how we do it are just as important.

Being a #BCorp is more than just creating something great, our underlying purpose is the reason we exist and what drives us to do #BetterBusiness every single day.
Each of these audit reports represents a site that is safe for use, following a rigorous review of various contamination issues in a range of environmental settings. Whilst it is an impressive pile of hard copies, kudos to EPA for championing the shift to e-reporting.

#paperless #contamination #audit #remediation #mudenvironmental #bcorp